About Us

Tasledog Shoes

Our shoemaking tradition dates back to 1989, the year we began crafting shoes in a small workshop. Things have changed since, but several generations later, we preserve the artisan care of our origins to make a high quality products and designs.

In Tasledog we believe in the honesty of being true to yourself and the traditions. That’s why we create comfortable shoes, respectful, made from natural materials using craft processes of production, full of vitality, authenticity and design, and made to walk by your side.

Our shoes are grounded on tradition, are vital, and are born to walk by your side. That’s why we create it for people who are true to themselves and their style, who appreciate the value of authenticity, who are seeking for a genuine and comfortable product, who look at the world from their own perspective, and who expect from a brand an honest look.


Oio Shoes, S.L. Clara Campoamor, 1 Bajo 03206, Elche Spain

CIF ES B54766456