The Brand


We think on your feet long before you knew that you had them, and it is because we are lifelong shoemakers. We walk, and run, and we know what our feet need (and yours).

Perhaps you will wonder the reason of our passion for this world… our tradition of shoemaking dates back to 1989, year in wich we began the artisanal manufacturing of shoes in a small workshop in Elche. Many things have changed since then; fashion, designs, production methods, people, but, three generations later, we still maintaining the family essence.

We have seen our parents and grandparents dedicated to your feet and, therefore, we preserve the artisan care of our origins to share it to our shoes, by adapting designs and fabrics of yesterday and today, because our goal Is that yours Tasledog walk by your side.

Surely, you will ask the reason of our name … we are a company with a great family tradition.

And in every family there is always a faithful companion who walks by your side: in our case, a canine friend.

Our faithful friend and follower is ‘Tas’, who has been with us for many years and has served as inspiration for our firm. His loyalty, vitality and enthusiasm, has motivated us to bring to you shoes that you will want to keep forever.


‘Tas’ is a vital dog, authentic, and with personality, and our shoes too. After three generations dressing your feet, in Tasledog we have learned that to walk in the life we must be honest, faithful to ourselves and our traditions.

That’s why we create comfortable shoes and respectful, not only with people but also with the environment. The Tasledog are made with natural materials by handcrafted manufacturing processes. We know what we do and who we do it, so we work always thinking that your Tasledog will walk by your side.


Our shoes are based on the tradition: we have led the quality of yesteryears to our shoes. How often you will have heard ‘before things were done better!’

In Tasledog we seek the best of both worlds: we merged the authenticity of a lifelong shoe with the originality of the new trends, fabrics, textures and fashion. Why to renounce to what is the trend?

We have led our family values to our firm. That’s why we design and produce shoes for people true to themselves, to their style, and who appreciate the value of authenticity. Basically, we like things to go well.

We make honest shoes; we know what we do and we love it. We elaborate a genuine, unique, and comfortable products, made for seeing the world from your own perspective, and to get a shoe that fits the needs of every moment and every way. Ultimately, if you value experience, design, quality and honesty, Tasledog is for you.